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Best countries for slow travel with two young kids


Hi All,
We are looking to embark on 5 months of travel next year with our two young girls (3 and 4).  We are generally looking to stay in an area for 3-4 weeks in a nice airbnb to soak up all the culture and surroundings.  From an experience and value perspective, which countries or cities would you recommend.  We are likely travelling from April 1st - Sept 1st.  We currently live in the US.

Current thoughts/options that we are considering:
Peru, Chile, Japan (definite), Thailand, Bali, Oz, Sri Lanka, Italy (definite) 

I'd love any feedback from experiences on the above and other suggestions.  Especially which areas in any of the countries suggested and potential monthly airbnb costs.


My wife and I took our kids (ages 4 and 2 at the time) to Japan for a couple of weeks in 2017 and wish we had more time to slow visit.  We were fortunate to stay with friends and didn't have to have any need for an Airbnb.  I would definitely recommend going to Osaka, and also getting out into some of the more rural places as well.  Japan is a beautiful country.  We enjoyed going to Nara Park and spent most of our time in Nara prefecture since our friends lived there.

Also, if you are going in April, make sure you get there in time for the cherry blossoms.  We caught the tail end of them (due to some work conflicts), but wish we could have been there during the peak times.  They are simply beautiful and are everywhere.  Incredible.

I haven't been to any of the other areas mentioned on your list, but if you want more details about Japan, let me know or you can visit my blog as I have a 3 part series I wrote about it there.

Another vote for Japan. When our oldest was about to turn 2 we went to Japan for 2 weeks. Not exactly slow travel but it was at a slower pace than usual. Osaka/Kyoto area is good but avoid going there during Golden Week or a long weekend.


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