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Investing in NTD as a Taiwanese


I have seen the logic for investing in dollars. That being said, if the bulk of your income is in NTD, there are costs to switching over. Is there any Taiwanese equivalent for investing to the index fund/VTI philosophy, but in NTD? Or would the recommendation still be to change over to USD? Thanks.

What is the logic for investing in USD?

The index philosophy says (generally) that Taiwan is roughly 2% of total world stock market valuation, and therefore you should have about 2% of your portfolio invested in Taiwan. If you are a Taiwan citizen/long-term resident you could have some (reasonable) home bias.

There are global ETFs that you can purchase in Taiwan in NTD - I don't know anything about them.
You can also hedge against the currency (hold assets in something other than NTD and/or invest in vehicles that track a different currency)

That is, investments in the dollar depend solely on the country?


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