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I have been following GCC for awhile, enjoy the content and this is now the first time joining the forum. I married a foreign citizen in 2019 and now wish to consider filing my tax return as Married/Jointly. My filing status for 2019 was Married/Separate and I got hit with a massive increase in Medicare premiums. I've searched around online for qualified tax preparers and consulting fees and the quotes are all over the map. I first need to determine if in fact filing MJ will be financially advantageous in both the near and long term and then engage a reasonably priced company to assist with tax return prep.  I would consider my tax situation to be pretty straightforward. Me with pension, some IRAs and Non-IRAs. She with income from job, bank account and owned home. The financial advantage I'm expecting is reduction of Medicare premium, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, and Standard Deduction.

Are there competent yet reasonably priced CPAs or EAs out there with international experience? (I'm in New England. I found a handful in NY, BOS, NJ). I think I can do the W7 Form ( for ITIN), Form 8938, and FBAR on my own. Is that advisable?

Advice and input will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

There are several expat focused CPAs online

I've had good communication with Taxes for Expats, although I do all of my own taxes personally.

Ok, thanks. Ya, I'm thinking of doing my own taxes going forward but I'll check out the site listed. I like your website! Taipei is a great place!


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