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Taxes a toxic nightmare, is there a antidote?


I filed an extension 10 years ago, and never again filed taxes. But it's not like I didn't want to.
And I'm pretty freaking embarrassed to share all of this.

9 years ago the person i hired as an accountant to file my taxes lost all of my paperwork, and stole $1000 from me. I even got police involved, and they did nothing, and the person claimed to have destroyed all of my paperwork. ( so I didn't file)
8 years ago i went to H&R block and they estimated I owed $15,000 when all of my income only added up to be about $29,000. ( so I didn't file again, and they explained it was also for the previous year and during the time i was $3,000 in debt with creditcards to pay for my college and food)
7 years ago, i got in even more credit card debt, and could barely afford to eat, I was < 130 lbs and people asked me if I was annorexic.
6 years ago i finally developed a skillset, and was able to learn to program enough to get paid, and with the little money I made, I purchased a business for $10,000, and apparently the past owners didn't file taxes for the EIN i guess? but it only has been making < 30,000 a year, and I rebuilt it, and i was finally able to get some passive income to start to pay off my credit cards.
4 years ago, haven't filed - moved abroad (hired a tax expert... he charged me $1000, and then when i asked him what to do next, he told me to send him some paperwork that I don't even have, and then i told him, i don't have it, he said get it. then stopped responding to my phone calls / emails) Like really, I cannot get some of the paperwork from the business that i purchased, the owners are MIA - I don't even know where to contact them whatsoever. they're completely gone and last i heard live in mexico or canada.
3 years ago, living abroad. haven't filed ( talked to one tax "expert" and he told me he needs $500 pear year, and additional $150 per hour, and says that there are probably legal repercussions? ( so i walked away because it  sounds like a scam again, or like it could put me in some serious trouble)
2 years ago living abroad. haven't filed
1 year ago living abroad. haven't filed

I make money by doing programming and marketing - so digital services, and I've never added "tax" on the services, and I've never received any 'gov" benefits, or gotten any loans, or anything whatsoever, never filed for unemployment.

I never registered on irs website
I never have gotten a letter from the IRS. I never got stimulus checks, or cashed in on them, or relief or anything, and i don't really want them.
I don't understand all of these " you can claim this " and "up to 5% this if you are this type of person" or this and that. I really don't understand.

I don't even know where to go, But I don't want to get in trouble, but I was seriously so pardon my language fucked, And I see all of these websites and people advertising their services, and I'm super afraid of getting scammed again, or paying someone more than I need only to find out I still have to pay the government something exponential.

Really, I feel so trapped, I haven't taken advantage of anything, and feel weighed down like Gulliver's travels by all of those little ropes.
When people ask me about tax, I kind of ignore it because I don't even know what to do, or understand any of the verbiage, I wasn't taught it by my father or mother, or even in school, nothing.. and so I feel like such a idiot but a like criminal when I read about this stuff...  I am reading about it sending billions of dollars abroad and also in "assistance programs" to people of specific colors? ( why is this fair? why does color matter? I love people of all color) And also "programs for relief" and free $ from the gov when everywhere else on their it says I can go to jail for " evasion" i don't want this, I don't understand this. Maybe I'm autistic, I don't know.

What should I do? Where should I go? how many days of "freedom" do i have left? I want to someday buy my own home, but it seems like just a hopeless dream. I've even thought pretty suicidal thoughts.. I max have $50,000 in the stock market, and $10,000 in one of my businesses accounts, and maybe $10,000 in crypto currency. And honestly, if I have to pay all of that back and start over, i'll probably just off myself really, I'm single 33, balding, barely go out, just work on computer projects and Im sick of the anxiety I get from all of this tax stuff. and reading how people are reaping all of these benefits, but I am not.

Today: in America visiting family, but just got a visa approval to go back abroad to hungary, but feel like I need to do something, and really worried i'll get arrested or worse have to give everything i scrapped and scrapped to make back. I've worked my ass off literally, and broken my back, even disrupted my health to even make the money I make today.  I'll move anywhere i need to, i'll go anywhere - I don't have anything brick and mortar I own, i can't afford it. But want to, so how to escape?

Do I have any other options?
(I'm tired of getting scammed, and sick of all these codes that give you a % off or whatever, it seems pretty unfair and down right like theft / illegal itself)
A. Send all of my money to this invisible IRS? Because I have no flipping clue what I even "owe"? and why i "owe" anything
B. Off myself

The IRS has a tax amnesty program (google that phrase)

One example of a company that focuses on expat taxation is here:

They are a business and charge for their services.


--- Quote from: gocurrycracker on March 15, 2021, 09:26:26 PM ---The IRS has a tax amnesty program (google that phrase)

One example of a company that focuses on expat taxation is here:

They are a business and charge for their services.

--- End quote ---

I have only been living abroad (3) years (no i do not earn income over there my income is from the u.s. still) , and should I hire two services? one to do amnesty and one for the foreign thing? or where and who? I googled that term and like 1000 services popped up.  It's freaky. I'm tired of living in fear.

1 would suffice.

I would just read some reviews and choose one that seemed a good fit for personality and experience.


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