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I am writing my Master's research paper on retiring abroad with a particular focus on the tax implications of living abroad.  If you were doing it all over again, what do you wish you had known about before packing up and retiring abroad?  Or what do you wish you knew more about while you are deciding where to retire abroad? 

I intend on focusing on how to avoid double taxation, potential impacts on military and other veteran benefits (my audience is mainly military personnel), active vs. passive income abroad, and potential issues with property ownership (either maintaining a US property, having an income property, or owning property abroad).  I know health care is likely another consideration, and while that will get some mention, the main focus on the paper is really on tax implications.  I basically want to create an easy source for a military retiree (or someone advising a military retiree) to use when evaluating if they can or should retiree abroad, and the things they may want to consider before making their decision.

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

I don't have much to say on this, sorry...

pick a place that you want to live - pay the greater of the taxes in that location or US taxes (do you see double taxation as being a common issue?)

MajorFI you could reach out to Our Rich Journey on YouTube and see if they have any contacts for you?


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