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Jeremy, do you pay taxes to Taiwan?

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Or do you claim that you have stronger ties to US and via a tax treaty tie breaker you are only a US resident?

Curious about how living abroad works. I want to live places more than 183 days and not have to worry about international taxes. I'd love to hear your tax strategy and plan for this.

If I don't maintain a permanent abode in the US, I'm not sure how you avoid paying taxes to anywhere you are longer than 183 days. But honestly, maybe you just pay taxes to the local jurisdiction and deal with it like that.

yes and no

Taiwan is a territorial tax country - they only tax income sourced from within their own borders(*.) They also have no capital gains tax.

Since most/all (**) of our income is non-Taiwan sourced, we pay no tax in Taiwan.

* there is an AMT if worldwide income exceeds ~$250k/year (for us, it doesn't)
** my wife's book was published by a Taiwan company - that income is taxed in Taiwan, but is minimal and falls below the filing threshold so there is no tax paid.

There are ~20 countries with no income tax, and ~40 territorial tax countries. If no taxes is the goal, spend 183+ days in those countries only.

If quality of life is the goal, live where you want and pay the taxes.

Thanks, makes sense!

Forgot to include a link:

Super cool link. Thanks for sharing.

One other question, do you have any tips for avoiding state tax while living abroad? Did you have to prove anything or did you just stop filing? How do you continue to maintain a driver's license/vote?


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