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LK in WA:
Hi there,
I just retired last week and thought it might be a good time to start a journal.  I expect this will be an interesting time, what with the recent retirement and being in the middle of a pandemic.

Somewhat random things about me: 
Early 50s, married.  Wife does not work.
Love traveling both international and domestic
Live by the ocean and can’t imagine living land locked. 
I love dogs.  I have two of them and they rule the house. 
I like gardening.  I enjoy both eating the produce from my garden and giving it away. 
I like learning new things.  I think I will learn many new things with the recent change in free time.  There are things on my house I would like to fix or replace.  I think it is time for me to learn how to replace a light fixture and build a deck, among other things.
Retired after a couple decades working at Megacorp.

About the decision to retire:  I had been planning to retire this spring as I had passed the necessary milestones both for medical coverage and size of retirement accounts.  Also, I have this concern about the amount of time my wife and I have left to enjoy things.  Over the last few years I have been feeling a bit itchy about it.  Feeling like I was at risk of spending my best years working and then only taking the time to do things when I was older and no longer able or interested in doing those things.  Already I am looking back at the things I should have done when I was younger and had the endurance for, such as backpacking trips when my back was healthy and I didn’t mind sleeping not he ground.

I would have retired on April 1, because, well the timing is good and there is something funny about retiring on April Fools day.  But the pandemic happened and both my employer and I had concerns about current events so we agreed on me staying a bit longer.  All in all it wasn’t a very long delay, I got out this week…still plenty of time to enjoy summer! 

I heard a lot of people telling me not to retire, citing the market crash, people dying, people losing jobs, etc as reasons.   There were also the non pandemic reasons I shouldn’t retire, biggest salary years ahead of you, you are too young, you don’t know what health care will cost, you don’t want to be a burden on society.  I think people can come up with unlimited reasons not to do something that seems scary.  I feel pretty good about the decision.

What’s my plan?  That was the big question as I made the rounds saying my goodbyes at Megacorp.  I have many ideas of what the wife and/or I will do in the future.  Travel, volunteer, learn wood working, improve my gardening skills, etc.  But I think the number one thing is adapt.  Adapt to the changing landscape and take opportunities to do fun things and learn.  Oddly, I think “new normal” under COVID-19 may have helped me realize that we adapt all the time.  We certainly have adapted in a short period of time to the social distancing that is needed. 

Well, this ended up a little longer than I had intended.  So much for a simple introduction.
More later…I am off to try and visit some fellow retirees at a distance!  Wish me luck.

Congratulations! All very nicely stated... retirement does take some getting used to, but we adapt and thrive.

Awhile back Mr. Crazy Kicks wrote a guest post about his urban farm - another avid gardener!


LK in WA:
Wow, that was an interesting read, thanks for the link!

We approach gardening similarly.  I love the whole process, tending the garden, seeing the new growth, eating and sharing the produce.  I typically pick at least one new thing to try every season.  Some years more depending on how much time I think I have to devote. 

I have often thought about adding chickens for the compost boost, the bug control, and the eggs. 
What stops me is knowing that I would have to have someone take care of them when we travel.  It is pretty easy for us to find someone to watch the dogs because they are cute and cuddly.  Chickens, cute, but I feel like they would be tougher to find a sitter for.  I do however know several people who have chickens, maybe I could just have them come over and "visit" my garden?

LK in WA:
So, I have been retired for a week.  So far it feels like a staycation.  I am doing the things that I normally would do when I have some extra time off from work.  Generally I have been getting caught up on the garden and yardwork, sorting forgotten possessions and deciding if they should be donated or sold, and tinkering with things (making some things work again and making some things without a doubt destined for the landfill or recycle bin).

Already I notice that I am sleeping better.  I have had trouble with this in the past but I am finding that a normal bedtime and waking up when I am ready has done wonders.  I still do wake up before the crack of dawn, but I go right back to sleep once I see that it is still dark out.  I am really digging that!

Social distancing…so far it hasn’t bothered me too much.  I was an “essential” worker before retiring so I had plenty of interaction with people.  As an introvert, I can definitely get my fill of peopling.  For now I am content to work on my projects at home and interact with my family, neighbors, and the clicklist/curbside shopping guy at the grocery store.  I know that at some point I will surely wish to move outside of my bubble and see more people.

In my state, we are starting to open up and allow more movement of people, highlights are restaurant dining rooms opening to 50% capacity and hair salons reopening with PPE restrictions. Neither the wife nor I are rushing out to get our hair done or dine out.  Recently, I grabbed some take out from a local restaurant and saw several folks doing the same.  We typically make our own meals at home, saving dining out for special occasions or gatherings with others.  With the lack of gathering going on here, we hadn’t had a meal out in several months- the take out was a treat!

The thing we are really looking forward to being able to do is travel.  We still are hopeful for a decent season of camping.  So far all parks have been closed to camping.  We are excited for them to open up soon.  The only thing I am worried about there is that everyone else will be there too.  The local news is predicting one of the biggest years for domestic travel including camping for the area.  It certainly makes sense if you can’t fly and can’t cruise at least you can jump in your RV and camp.  Apparently new RV sales are through the roof this spring.  Call me selfish or unrealistic, I just want my outdoorsy solitude to be without too many people.  Anyone planning any travel for the summer?  What are you looking to do?

A side note…all this spring we have been sorting through things in our home and making piles of stuff to donate.  We still have more to comb through but we have done a pretty good job of culling the clothes that don’t fit and the piece or furniture that just doesn’t seem to belong anymore.  The downside to this is none of the usual charities are currently accepting donations.  Our garage is full of boxes of things for donation.  If I were so inclined, I would probably have enough stuff for a garage sale.   

Today is a rainy dreary day, looks like I will be sorting through the hall closet now!

Things have mostly returned to normal in Taiwan with the exception of being able to hop on a plane. So basically every hotel / tourist area is full as people travel locally.


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