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Hello World... Perhaps itís because most who seek FI are younger, Iíve yet to see information pertaining to Wills or Trusts. The first (and only) time I had an actual will created (by a real living lawyer) I was around 40. Now Iím 55, I own a home when I didnít previously. Iíve moved out of the state where the will was created, Iíve had more kids, my financial situation has drastically changed, my bank accounts and/or financial related institutions no longer match those in the doc (actually I canít say for certain they were included)... but you get the picture. Things have changed ó a lot!

Anyone have firsthand experience in creating DIY will? Maybe itís not smart to do? That type of feedback would be equally helpful. Iím not sure what Iím going to do, but sending out feelers.


I have no experience with this (yet)

I don't know first hand but I believe it would be worth looking into a Revokable Living Trust before the will.  I believe it can help avoid probate issues for your family.  Cheers!

Definitely suggest a revocable living trust. I believe you can get a DIY kit from NOLO. Pretty sure they account for all the states too. We have one that we had done through an attorney via a legal plan I had at work so it cost nothing except for the title transfer to move our house into the trust.


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