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Obtaining long term medicine overseas



I am retiring this summer and plan on backpacking through South America for a year. Yay!

However, I take medications every day. In the US, I can get a refill every 3 months. How does this work out of the country? I'd hate to go see a Dr in whatever place I am at to get a new prescription every time I need a refill. I don't think a prescription written by my Dr will work out of the USA.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I don't have experience with this. It sounds like many long-term travelers get help from a friend at home and have refills shipped to their current location. See this: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/how-to-fill-a-prescription-while-traveling/

edit: I posted this Q on twitter, and this post was also recommended

Thanks for the information. If anyone else figures something out for "maintenance" meds (like metformin), I'd appreciate it!


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