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Belle B:
Where can I go for 2.5 months October - Dec with a 3 year old and 3 month old?

We would like to stay in one location , rent a house / vacation rental and enjoy the culture, explore our surrounding.
A scenic location that would not require us to rent a car.

Can be cold or warm.

Thank you !!

Where are you currently located? Given the 3 month old I would assume closer equals better. As for not requiring a car generally Europe or the East and West Coast of the US tend to be more walkable or have good public transport.

Belle B:
Currently located in US. Not worried about traveling with a 3 months old... have traveled with an infant before ( my opinion best time to travel w kids ! before they are mobile)

Looking for more specific recommendations outside of US.
Name of city or towns in Europe or South America or New Zealand, etc.

Some interesting options with great public transport:

The best option would probably be to find a location to stay just outside of a big city(unless money isn't a concern) with easy public transport into the city.

Is there a reason you'd prefer to stay in one place for the full 2.5 months? I would possibly consider splitting it between two cities in that time frame.

Like Possibly doing London and Paris or Amsterdam and Paris. Those are just a relatively short train trip apart.

Depends on what you want to do:

Beaches - Mexico, Thailand - Puerto Escondido, Mexico and Koh Lanta, Thailand are 2 places we liked.
City culture (museums, etc..) - Mexico City, Buenos Aires
Hang out with other expats - Bali, Chiang Mai, Oaxaca

It will be cold in Europe, especially in the North.


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