Author Topic: Non-spammy digital side hustle for already self-employed, free-ish person?  (Read 3527 times)


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Hi Y'all,

I am a self-employed professional.

First the good news: I have a lot of self-determination and autonomy, and can run my business from home and a rent-a-cube. I have been able to travel and take my work with me. It's low overhead. It's cyclical, meaning sometimes I put in tons of hours, followed by a more relaxed phase.

Now the griping: It's stressful. The amount of stress involved causes me to limit the amount of work I take on, which limits my income. This is kind of a quality problem; I do pretty well. But, I sometimes think I'd like to eventually phase out of this super stressful work into something less stressful before hitting FI. I am about halfway there. I have been having trouble finding a suitable replacement for my income, so I just keep plugging away. I've accepted that my best shot at making enough money to hit FI is to keep doing what I'm doing. But, I am not really able to do any more than I already do in a given week or year, so if I want to hit FI faster, I need a side hustle.

I have explored things like creating and selling online educational courses through a blog, and just found that stuff triggers my "ick, scammy spam" reflex way too much. (When something kinda reminds me of Trump University, do I want to be selling it? Aw, hell no.) I've thought about personal coaching, but after a long day of dealing with people and their problems, bless them, the last thing you want to do is deal with more people and their problems. I have attempted to promote a blog, but found that even a little social media involvement on my part presented a lot of conflicts with my main business, and actually took away from the energy I had for the business that was making more money. I have thought about selling handcrafted items, but based on multiple past experiences doing this, it's quite a bit of labor for a relatively small return. I have looked at buying a rental house and crunched a lot of numbers, but my market is in a ridiculous bubble phase and it just doesn't make any sense right now. I have to be patient on that one. I do a little contract work on the side, but it has been hard to find and make it consistent.

So my question is: During the lulls, I would like to do some kind of non-spammy, non-scammy, digital and portable side hustle to make more money. What have I not considered? Where do I look? Or, should I just resign myself to a less accelerated path to the FI number, and learn to more deeply appreciate my free time while I wait for the real estate market to chill out?
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I know this is an older posting, but was wondering if you've tried to connecting to some other small business owners to be a virtual assistant or do other back office type of work.  I know of a co-worker of mine who does some quickbooks work for some food truck vendors and makes some small, but reasonable money for her efforts.  We are both accountants so it helps she already has a knowledge base.  Maybe you could do something similar?  Although, it would be a fairly consistent schedule and with your "peak" times it could be too much.  Could you do something that's an off-shoot of your current business?
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