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Taxes / Tax Harvest question
« on: November 27, 2020, 07:05:56 PM »

Hi Mr GoCurryCracker,

I have a question on the linked template.

You mention "Long Term Capital Gains are taxed at 0% for a Married Couple Filing Jointly (MFJ) as long as total
taxable income is less than ~$100,000, which is adjusted for inflation each year.
(For single filers or married filing separately, divided by 2.)
For 2018, the 0% capital gain threshold was $101,200.
For 2019, it is $103,150."

Is this information true? I am a single filer, but all the information I find says that the 0% threshold is $40,000 for 2020, and $80,000 for MFJ. The numbers you provide are pretty far off. Maybe I am not looking up the right terms, but I am unable to find this.

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