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Travel hacking / What should my strategy be for upcoming trips?
« on: July 24, 2019, 08:37:21 AM »
Hi- Maybe a more experienced travel hacker can help me. I just started out.

I just got the Chase Sapphire 7/1. Almost to the spend min and my husband just applied and got his. He should reach his spend limit in less than a month. We have about 400K in United miles and will have around 140K with UR.

Planning two trips -- LA for Christmas and Spain/Portugal for April.

I applied for the IHG card through Chase and was surprisingly rejected bc of "too much credit outstanding." I only have TWO cards with $56k credit limits. I have a 750 credit score. Maybe the real reason was bc I applied for the Sapphire 2 weeks prior?

What should be my next move? I know about the 5/24 rule so I thought I should apply for Chase Freedom Unlimited (don't have a business for Ink) but will I just get rejected again and have another inquiry on my account?

Should I hang it up with Chase and apply for a different bank's hotel card?

Not sure what my next move should be to accumulate points for the above vacations. Airfare to both are reasonable right now - $320 to LA at xmas and $400 to Spain over Easter so I'm thinking we'd pay for airfare and save the points unless there's something I'm missing.

THANK YOU for any and all advice!!

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