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Ha! You're so right. I haven't thought about my credit score in at least 10 years before reading about this credit card stuff.

Bills come, they are automatically paid each month and life has continued. So many other fascinating and fun things to ponder than my credit score.

Thank you for the clear response! It's no wonder your website started me down this rabbit hole of travel cards - it is enjoyable to read, analytically sound and clear to the novice. So THANK YOU.

So, my options are
1) Wait another two months or so and try reapplying to Chase for IHG (for hotels, bc I agree with you about paying for the airfare). Hopefully they post the bonus in time for xmas in LA....
2) Wait another two months or so and try reapplying to Chase for Marriot Bonvoy. Hopefully they post the bonus in time for xmas in LA....
3) Wait a month and get the Capital One card for the cash back to use (but downside being burning through a card for 5/24?)

Are you concerned about a handful of "hard" inquiries to the credit bureau within 3 months?

I feel restless to get started since I feel like we missed out on so much savings (just did a huge house remodel without having anything more than United Explorer) but I guess I probably have to pace us more slowly.

I have my husband in the mix as well. He just got CSP (wish I did CSR...) but that min spend should be covered in a month. I can move some expenses forward and cover the min spends at about 8K/mo in items I can put on the card. Maybe I'll have him try the Marriot Bonvoy in a month or so.

Thank you for taking the time to answer!

When I called Chase (twice) and second person I talked to said "they want to see how I handle the credit they just extended"...she wouldn't give me a time frame I should estimate to allow between applications....she also said the "5/24" rule is NOT a chase rule and something that just erroneously circulates around the internet...

Travel hacking / What should my strategy be for upcoming trips?
« on: July 24, 2019, 08:37:21 AM »
Hi- Maybe a more experienced travel hacker can help me. I just started out.

I just got the Chase Sapphire 7/1. Almost to the spend min and my husband just applied and got his. He should reach his spend limit in less than a month. We have about 400K in United miles and will have around 140K with UR.

Planning two trips -- LA for Christmas and Spain/Portugal for April.

I applied for the IHG card through Chase and was surprisingly rejected bc of "too much credit outstanding." I only have TWO cards with $56k credit limits. I have a 750 credit score. Maybe the real reason was bc I applied for the Sapphire 2 weeks prior?

What should be my next move? I know about the 5/24 rule so I thought I should apply for Chase Freedom Unlimited (don't have a business for Ink) but will I just get rejected again and have another inquiry on my account?

Should I hang it up with Chase and apply for a different bank's hotel card?

Not sure what my next move should be to accumulate points for the above vacations. Airfare to both are reasonable right now - $320 to LA at xmas and $400 to Spain over Easter so I'm thinking we'd pay for airfare and save the points unless there's something I'm missing.

THANK YOU for any and all advice!!

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