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General Discussion / Plan for unexpected early retirement
« on: October 30, 2019, 12:14:05 PM »
What are the best strategies to plan an early retirement in 1-2 years for someone whose most investments are locked in 403(b)? Is it to stash away income as much as I can in cash and/or in my taxable account so that I will have easier access to money for expenses but lose the opportunity to maximize tax saving?  Or is it to keep contributing to tax-deferred accounts (maximize 457 plan first and then 403(b); 25,000 to each with the 6,000 catch up contribution) to maximize tax saving, and after retirement, withdraw what I can from the taxable accounts and Roth IRA contributions (while doing yearly IRA conversion) and find part-time jobs to cover expenses until I reach 59 1/2?

Thanks in advance for any idea, suggestion, thought, or experience you may care to share!

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