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Travel hacking / Hacking approach to Chase 5/24
« on: January 15, 2018, 10:14:49 AM »
The Chase 5/24 rule means that once you have 5 applications within a 24 month period Chase won't approve new cards (as always, with some caveats). But some business cards (Including Bank of America/Amex/Citi) don't count towards 5/24. So by getting business cards you can extend 5/24. To me the best strategy is using up the great Chase cards, then going to business till you get under 5/24. I wait a minimum 91 days between applications. Here is the order I would go in, if I was starting travel hacking today (Y or N means counts towards 5/24):

1) Chase Sapphire Preferred, 50k UR (Y)
2) Chase Business SWA 50k SWA (N*)
3) Chase Plus SWA 50k SWA (Y) to get the SWA companion pass
4) Chase Hyatt (Y)
5) Citi Thank You Premier (Y)

now switch gears to Chase Business at 4/24

6) Chase Ink Business, 80k UR (N*)

now go 5/24

7) Amex Delta Gold (Y)

Now go Business

8. Amex Gold Business, 50k Amex (N)
9) BoA Alaska Business, 30k Alaska (N)
10) Amex Delta Gold Business (N)

(* = will not count if under, YMMV)

By now with 90 day applications you are under 5/24 and can get more Chase cards. Have a better strategy?

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