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General Discussion / Got your email about throwing in the towel
« on: April 01, 2020, 07:33:09 AM »
Didn't see any haha just kidding. Just that you enjoyed your run and now time to move on. I'd highly encourage you, people to invest in real estate when able. Rentals are a way of understand value. By that I mean the economy will change very soon. Likely more inflation,  unemployment as this settles down. It will be very tuff to understand what a dollar means or what a stock value is.  U will be able tho to value how many big mac happy meals you get per 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment rents for example. Real estate is going to take some hits like everything else. People still need to have a place to live. Office space? I suspect after this covid19 and all the teleconferences some of that will go away. Real estate also has the 3rd largest lobbying section, and will get some bailouts. Way it works. You need multiple streams of income, cashflow,  to be safe. Stocks have been on a rise largely to a flood of borrowed money,  stock buybacks and inflation. Fun while you can do it, but more diversity is better.

Good luck. Maybe I can pick your brain on an upcoming Argentina trip sometime.


Especially the stock performance vs various recessions.

I've got a pension kicking in for about$46100/ yr starting in Jan 2023 but am leaving work in June 2020. I'm in the edjukashun business but more importantly,  the real estate investing business. Steady chugging over the years- purchasing,  rehab as needed and renting small SOCAL apartment buildings has made me a small fortune, a little over 2.6 million in real estate equity and 800k in cash, stocks and retirement accounts such as 403b. I find real estate fun so will likely do more investing as time goes on.

I have stock brokers wanting to manage my cash stuff in eft's based on risk tolerance. What are your thoughts on this? I'd like the cash safe but still getting some return in case I need it to invest in a property.  Right now the rentals should more than pay my day to day needs; I'd like the cash to grow.

Thanks for the articles.  One of my first stops is Argentina, have friends living there to ride motorcycles with in fall. Bariloche and Patagonia are on the list!

Keep up the writing!
Thank you

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