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Early Retirement / Early Retirement withdraw strategy
« on: December 17, 2021, 08:53:51 AM »
My wife and I will turn 54 in 2022.  Planning on both going part-time in 2022 until we turn 59-60.  We will need to supplement our income from retirement savings ($30K/year).  Wife will be able to keep insurance with her part time work (current full-time employer).  No pensions in our future.  No debt and own our home.
Assets with Vanguard:
My traditional IRA- $495K (350K-VBTLX 145-VTSAX)
Wife’s traditional IRA- $94K (VTSAX)
My roth IRA- $397K (VTSAX)
Wife’s roth IRA- $207K (VTSAX)
Brokerage account- $384K (VTSAX)
Assets with Schwab (wife 401K)
Roth- $141K (black rock equity index)
Pre-tax-$47K (black rock equity index)
Money Market:
$636K Qualified Pre-tax
$745 Roth
$424 brokerage/savings
Strategy to achieve the $30k supplement income and max out 12% bracket with roth conversion???
1.   Ordinary income from part-time work will be $20-30K, pull $30K from brokerage account and do a roth conversion on roughly $40-50K and pay the tax from savings?  This will keep us below MFJ-$80,800 so we will not pay LTC tax???  Correct?
2.   Does it make any sense to do a SEPP/72t vs. option one?
3.   One concern is my bond holdings are in my pre-tax account so should I move some of the brokerage funds into bonds to have that option if stocks are down? 
4.   Currently at 80/20? Is this enough bonds? 
Thoughts?  Thank you! 

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