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Early Retirement / Re: Looking for guidance
« on: March 23, 2021, 07:54:35 AM »
You're right about inflation outside the U.S. Point well taken.

The challenge with delaying SS is... you don't know when you'll die. Actuarial assumptions are age 92, I believe. I like your thinking though: delay on a good market, take it early on a down market. In other words, treat as a fixed income element of my portfolio.

re. Roth conversions: when I run my numbers on i-orp (a cfiresim companion) it recommends some pretty aggressive early conversions. Pay a bunch of taxes early and little to none later. Thoughts?

Agreed on Mexico. Not sure about health coverage: fly back home for serious conditions? BTW, I loved your place in San Miguel de Allende. I hear it's become overcrowded with expats... and I'm trying to steer clear of that.

Thanks again.

Early Retirement / Re: Looking for guidance
« on: March 18, 2021, 06:45:22 AM »
Thanks for the quick reply.

I love how you found a way for round numbers to work out.

Some thoughts:
- SocSec is adjusted at 1.6% p.a. while inflation is often above that, so loss of value over time
- In a 30-year window intuition is that taking SocSec early will give greater accrual power to untouched tax-deferred and thereby provide greater value at the tail end
- A frail $240k suggests keeping current cash as cash?
- Not a whole lot of room for Roth conversions unless first few years are financed via cash
- Must remain open to job/business income... nonchalantly :)

You ask about places for living
criteria: good inexpensive healthcare, safe, Sun and water, and a nonstop flight to the East coast of the US
First tier: beach towns in the US (FL, SC, NC); Spain and Portugal; Canada, with some snowbird movement; Costa Rica?
Second tier (not sure if they meet all criteria): Belize, Panama

Anyone with suggestions and good experiences?

Early Retirement / Looking for guidance
« on: March 16, 2021, 07:06:38 AM »
This is my first post in this forum.
I'd like to call it a day and am wondering how to go about it.

I'm 60. Single. No kids.

Tax-deferred: $470,000 (roughly 65% stocks, 25% bonds, 10% others; all low-cost index funds). Cash: $131,000. Nothing else.

No debt, renter (donít plan to buy a house), I lease cars when needed (donít plan to buy, looking to locate where car not needed).

Able and willing to relocate outside the US, to live on USD3k a month in the right circumstances, and eager to stop "woking" altogether tomorrow. Could keep some consulting/coaching activities going and/or launch a few online offerings in the near future.

Looking for guidance on generating income before SocSec (that'll be approx. USD2,200 per month at age 70) and RMDs kick in.

I know GCC is a fan of the 4% rule and I don't meet it. Trouble?

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