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Thanks for the information.  I plan to use a service catering to fulltime RVers that give a mailing address and physical address, so hopefully I'm covered there.

Unfortunately in my brokerage account I have Vanguard mutual funds, not ETFs.  I guess they don't care about buying and selling ETFs(?), but I'd have to come up with a way to move VTSAX to VTI while minimizing capital gains, or I guess just pick the mutual funds to sell off first as I retire and need to draw?

Only reference I've seen GCC make to this is in the comments section here:
"Vanguard is known to a wee bit difficult for non residents."

Reading the following URLs got me thinking what GoCurryCracker, and others living the dream abroad, do to address this.  I don't believe GoCurryCracker has addressed this in a blog post, but please direct me if I missed it:

My GF and I plan to travel the world hopping from country to country, staying the length of our tourist visas.  So not becoming an expat in any one country...well maybe if we fall in love with it after we slow down and get older?  Should we worry about our Vanguard brokerage accounts (doesn't look like we need to worry about out tax advantaged accounts according to the URLs)?


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