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Early Retirement / Seeking Guidance
« on: June 09, 2021, 09:26:34 AM »
GM! I am seeking guidance on potential early retirement. To be honest, I had not put much thought into this and most certainly behind the curve. The following applies to me:
1. 35 years of age
2. 7 years invested in a Teaching retirement system
3. 2 years so far invested in a State retirement system (I can combine if I choose)
----If I complete a total of 15 years with state employment, I get free healthcare for life
----Based on my current salary, retirement at 58 - $3200, 62 - $4500, and 65 - $5400 , just from ERS. This does not include the annuity from the
     teaching retirement system and Social ​Security but I do not want to work past 55 (52 if possible).
4. Have an Traditional IRA with Fidelity but have not been really contributing. Recently started putting in the max every year.
5. Am now financially able to contribute a minimum of 40% of my income every month to investments/savings.

1. Should I set a brokerage account with Fidelity or Vanguard for ETFs?
2. What is the best asset allocation to achieve the goal or retiring by 55 (if it is possible)? US Stocks, International stocks, bonds, cash, etc.
3. What other accounts should I consider for tax advantages, investments, etc beyond IRA and brokerage accounts?
4. What other things should I take into consideration? What might I want to look into/research?

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